Job postings and candidate database management

Manage easily all your open positions on the RECRUITERem platform:

  • on a single surface,
  • quickly,
  • transparently,
  • simply,
  • in a traceable way.
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Employer branding and candidate experience

Use RECRUITERem also to build your employer branding.

Strengthen the candidate experience by continuous communication with applicants:

  • Customizable message templates that you can change at any time.
  • Send named messages to hundreds of candidates in seconds.
  • All documents, messages and consents related to the applications are in one place.
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Effective cooperation

Involve managers easily to the selection and increase the effectiveness of recruitment. The recruiter forwards the application materials, ratings and comments via the RECRUITERem platform to the manager(s):

  • Secure, no email data transfer,
  • The manager sees every information in one place, he/she does not have to log in to the system and the recruiter sees the manager’s decision and comments immediately,
  • Accurate picture of the current status of the selection.
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Safe data handling

With the RECRUITERem cloud-based platform the candidate data are secure.

Access to the system is encrypted just like an online bank account - it has a dedicated password policy and guarantees the security of the candidate’s data through the encrypted connection.

Using RECRUITERem simplifies the enforcement of the candidate’s rights and makes it easy to comply with the Data Protection and GPDR regulations.

The RECRUITERem system monitors the data processing time of the job applications.

The system notifies you in advance about the expiration of the data handling consent and displays the applicant whose data has to be deleted.

Recruitment reports

RECRUITERem facilitates the preparation of various reports.

  • Recruitment overview
    Data available at any time: number of applicant, evaluations, manager’s decision, duration of recruitment.
  • Transparency of the HR department’s operation, efficiency measurement
    We can clearly track per recruiter the number of current recruitment projects, their status and the number of successfully closed selection processes. The recruitment projects can be broken down into subtasks and can even be distributed among recruiters.
  • Effectiveness of advertising channels
    We can get a clear picture about the effectiveness of each advertising channel by the quantity and quality of applications.